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Cannabis delivery solutions for enterprise

The Haze platform streamlines high-volume delivery operations, enabling our partners to maximize efficiency on a large scale.

All the tools and resources needed to grow your delivery business

Cannabis delivery is booming, but with growth comes new challenges. What worked for small scale delivery businesses may not be optimal for large scale operations. Haze is the first delivery platform dedicated to enabling ultra-high volume for multi-location retailers wishing to expand state and nationwide.


Flexible Delivery Models

Out-of-the-box support for pizza-delivery, ice cream truck, and hybrid routing models.


Fully Automated Routing

Say goodbye to manual dispatching - the Haze AI will automatically optimize routes to ensure fastest delivery times.


Compliance Simplified

Managing delivery zones, time limits, inventory restrictions and more has never been easier - with Haze, compliance is easy and worry-free.


Enhanced Customer Experience

Fully integrated, white label apps and websites are available to maximize the seamlessness of your customer’s delivery experience.


Easily integrate with your most important apps​

Haze seamlessly integrates with a wide array of technology partners.

Supercharge your deliveries

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